jsmontage04 (jsmontage04) wrote,

I'm new

My name is (required, even if you make something up): Jackie

My age is: 21

I live in (city and state): near Cinnci, ohio

My relationship status is (married, single, taken, etc.): engaged

I live in a(n) (house, apartment, condo, etc.): House with my parents but that will change soon :)

My children and/or pets: a cat and a rabbit, soon to get a dog.

My obsession of the moment is: getting married and getting everything ready for my house

My favorite "guilty pleasure" is: ice cream

My favorite domestic activity is: cooking or cleaning to take out anger!

The domestic chore I hate is: cleaning the kitchen after I cook

Are you a beginner domestic diva or an experienced pro?: beginning for sure though my mom taught me allot

I found this community through (referral from member, community promo, random, etc.): random

My favorite recipe is (put behind an LJ cut if it is lengthy): currently don't have one but i'll be sure to post some i like later!
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